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Last Updated:
September 20, 2009


Trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine on August 26-29, 2009
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April doesn't like photos


One of the Twin Lights


Tom read the sign at right about loud noises from the fog horn

A view of the "beach" by the Twin Lights

Tom and Eileen with one of the lighthouses barely visible in the background


The Portland (Maine) Head Lighthouse

Another shot of Portland Head Light


April (she's tired and can't keep her eyes open) with Eileen and Tom at Portland Head Light

The bell at Portland Head Light

April and Tom looking at Portland Bay

Kennebunkport, ME

April, Tom (choking Eileen) and Eileen...

Time for lunch... at Federal Jacks...

The Bush Compound at Kennebunkport

Tom and Eileen in front of the Bush Compound

Watch out for the Poison Ivy they planted by the road to keep the tourists away...


Saturday morning rain...

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